How much does roofing cost in Grand Rapids Michigan?


How much does roofing cost in Grand Rapids Michigan?

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Whether you are replacing a roof for the first time or have been through the process several times, any Grand Rapids resident can tell you that replacing a roof isn’t cheap. Roofing is a significant investment that helps you efficiently heat and cool your home, protects you and your family, and boosts your home’s curb appeal. Hence, the high replacement costs are understandable. The good news is a quality roof installed by the professionals at Roach Home Improvement will serve you and your home for decades while helping save you money on energy costs. Regarding roofing cost, it depends on the size of the home, the material you choose, and some other factors we’ll discuss below.


Five primary factors dictate your roofing cost in Grand Rapids. Depending on how these factors apply to your home, your roofing costs can vary significantly.


Your home’s architecture has one of the most significant impacts on the cost of replacing your roof in Grand Rapids. Residential roofs come in many styles, from open gables and dormers to hipped, cross-hipped, hip & valley, and intersecting hip roofs. Open gables and simple dormers represent the easiest roof types to install. These roof styles feature mostly straight runs and require less prep, installation time, and material when compared to the most complex roof styles.


Your roof’s pitch dictates how steep the roof is, and it’s another area that profoundly affects the price of a new roof in Grand Rapids. The steeper your roof is, the more challenging the installation becomes. In addition, steep roofing requires additional safety precautions. The crew can’t work as quickly as they would if your roof was less steep and easily walkable.


The size of your roof will also significantly impact the roof replacement cost. The cost of roofing materials typically makes up about 40% of the total cost of roofing replacement. Therefore, the larger the roof is, the more material will be needed, and the higher the price will be.


Many different roofing products are on the market, ranging from inexpensive asphalt shingles to more expensive cedar shake, metal, or ceramic tiles. The cost of roofing materials varies, and there’s also a range of prices for different roofing products made from the same material. For example, suppose you’re considering an asphalt shingle roof. In that case, you’ll notice that the high-end shingles carry a more extended warranty and better durability features, and they’re close to double the price per bundle compared to the most affordable shingles.


The highest cost of installing new roofing is the labor and manpower necessary to get the job done. The longer the project takes to complete, the higher your labor costs will become. Quality roofing contractors strive to get each job done within one to two working days. But, if your roof style is especially labor intensive or the crew has to remove multiple layers of roofing material before beginning the installation, you can expect your labor costs to grow.


Grand Rapids has a diverse array of homes, businesses, and buildings, each with different roofing needs. We’ve discussed the factors that influence the roofing cost, but it is often easier to look at a ballpark dollar figure for planning and budgeting purposes. The average price of a new roof in Grand Rapids ranges between about $2,500 and $20,000. At the lowest end of the price spectrum will be small homes less than 1,000 square feet, while the high end is reserved for massive homes eclipsing 3,500 square feet. The roofing material you select and the style of roof on your home will also impact the total price of your roofing project.